How to hide media files on an Apple?


March ,23, 2023

You can hide pictures and videos using a feature that is already present in Apple’s Photos app. To do this, choose the pictures and videos you wish to hide, tap the “Share” option, and then choose “Hide.”

The pictures and videos will then be transferred to a new album called “Hidden,” which can only be found by tapping on the “Albums” tab and scrolling down.

Be aware that although the images and videos won’t be available in the main Pictures view, they will still be accessible in other areas like Memories and search results.

You can hide videos and photos using a number of third-party apps on the App Store.

•You can choose to store your photos and videos in the cloud rather than on your device if you enable iCloud Photo Library. 

This means that unless you download them, they won’t show up in the Photos app.