How can I use how?

How can I use how?

We use ‘how’ as an Adverb to ask questions, as a Conjunction and to introduce an Exclamation. We use ‘how’ to ask about the way or manner in which something happens or is done.

✓We can use ‘how’ to ask about something either directly or indirectly.

•How are you?
• How is the food?
•How old are you?
• How old is your father?
•How do you know me?
• How did you manage to persuade him?

•I don’t know how you manage.
• I’d like to know how these sweatshirts cost.
• I wonder how he found out l.
•Do you know how long it takes to walk down these stairs?

✓We can also use ‘how’ to form exclamatory sentences.
Usage= Before adjectives, adverb and verb phrases

•How amazing!
•How talented!
• How poor!
• How beautifully written!
•How pretty!
•How well she sings!

Note: With a noun phrase, we don’t use how. Rather we use What:

Usage: Before a noun phrase

For instance,

What a lovely day!

Not: How a lovely day!

We use ‘how’ as a conjunction meaning ‘the way or condition in which’.
The clause with how is a subordinate clause and how always comes at the beginning of a subordinate clause.

For instance,
•You can spend your money how you want.

•I am shocked to hear about how the animals had been treated.

So this was all about, How can I use how?

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