How do you change the language on the Amazon app on iPhone?

How do you change the language on the Amazon app on iPhone?

The Amazon app is a top-rated online shopping app across the globe that offers a variety of facilities and, with just a click of your phone, makes it quite convenient for users to use this fantastic app. You can buy or get anything from the ease of your home, and Amazon is growing day by day and updating its features so that it can become easy. So that more and more features can be include for the betterment of the social world. A segment to change languages according to your mother tongue or the language you are comfortable with is added to the Amazon app. Besides English, you can operate the app in various other languages, making the experience more impressive and convenient. 

The feature allows the user to search for the product in their mother tongue, and due to the language barrier, they do not have to face any difficulty. But access the feature, you must understand how to change the language according to your will. This is what we will discuss so that you can quickly get the convenience of the language in which the use of the Amazon app becomes easy and comfortable.

How do you change the language on the Amazon app on iPhone?

As an iPhone user, you need to follow some of the basic steps so that you can easily change the language on the Amazon app and switch to the suitable language of your choice, and within a few clicks, you can easily change the language just by going through the points listed as below:-

  1. The first self-explanatory step is to open the Amazon app on your iPhone because you will only be able to head to the other setting.
  2. After that, you must carefully look through the whole screen, observe a symbol, i.e., three horizontal bars or lines, and click on it.
  3. When you click on those bars, there will be a drop-down list in front of you on the screen. Then, you need to click on the settings options, and another chance will appear.
  4. You need to further click on Country & language from the drop-down list, and then a complete list of countries will open, and according to the language or Country, you can click or tap on the arrow next to the preferred Country and the language.
  5. You will find a variety of languages, and you can go for the most suitable one, and then you can easily set it up for the app after pressing the done tab at the end.
  6. After tapping on the done option, you will confirm the Country and the language you have chosen, and the Amazon app will change the language after hitting the done tab.
  7. You can go to the Amazon app and see the difference and notice whether the app is working in your chosen language.

After going through these points, you must have realized how easy it is to change the language on the Amazon app for iPhone users. Within a few clicks, you can easily change it in the language you want to so that access to the app becomes easy, and you will not find any difficulty in using it. So this feature is such a convenience for Amazon users. And it is easy to change the language of your choice as often as possible.

Importance of language change on Amazon app

Amazon users are growing daily, and new features are added to it at a breakneck pace so that the app can give a better user interface to its users. One such part is that you can change the language. It is a fantastic feature because you can use the language you are comfortable with, even if you are in any part of the world. You can still use the language of your choice on the Amazon app. That is beneficial for every user of this app because it becomes pretty easy to navigate the Amazon app, and the users will not feel any restrictions because of the language.


In changing times, technology is also changing at a breakneck speed so that it can become better and more convenient for users. And the main reason is that there is a lot of competition in the market, which is why lots of features for better-using capabilities. And sometimes, language becomes a barrier, so having multiple language options is always good. Still, this problem has been solved with language change options in various applications. More and more people can use the apps like Amazon quite smoothly, without facing many issues they would have otherwise. The user interface becomes friendly, which is what every app user looks into because no one has time for the complex things in today’s world.

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