How Halloween started?

Hey there, ever wondered where Halloween came from? It’s a lot more interesting than you might think! So grab your favorite candy and let’s dive into the fascinating story of Halloween.

Ancient Beginnings

Picture this: over 2,000 years ago, in a place that’s now Ireland, the UK, and France, there were people called the Celts. They had this super cool festival called Samhain. It was all about celebrating the end of the harvest and the start of winter. But what makes it exciting is that they believed the spirits of the dead could visit the living during this time. Spooky, right?

Costumes and Bonfires

The Celts didn’t want to be haunted by these wandering spirits, so they dressed up in scary costumes. Imagine trying to scare away ghosts with your best monster outfit! They also built huge bonfires to light up the night and keep the spooks away.

Christian Influence

Fast forward to the 9th century, the Catholic Church decided to mix things up. They introduced All Saints’ Day on November 1st to honor saints and martyrs. This made November 1st All Hallows Day. The night before? Yep, you guessed it, All Hallows’ Eve, which eventually became Halloween. The Church was trying to replace the old Celtic festival with a Christian one.

Trick-or-Treating Emerges

Now, here comes one of the most fun parts of Halloween – trick-or-treating! But it wasn’t always about getting loads of candy. Back in old England, they had a tradition called “souling.” On All Souls’ Day, people would visit houses asking for “soul cakes” in exchange for saying prayers for the dead. Eventually, this tradition mixed with Halloween, and kids started going door-to-door asking for treats. If they didn’t get treats, they might play tricks on the homeowners.


Remember those cool carved pumpkins with scary faces? Well, they have a history too. Originally, people used turnips, potatoes, and beets to make lanterns to keep away evil spirits. But in North America, they had lots of pumpkins, so they started using those instead. That’s why we now carve pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns!

Modern Halloween

Halloween found its way to North America with Irish immigrants in the 19th century. Over time, it turned into a fun and spooky holiday. Now, it’s all about costume parties, putting up scary decorations, and, of course, munching on lots of candy. People worldwide celebrate it, each adding their own twist to the celebration.


Halloween’s story is like a mix of old Celtic traditions, Christian influence, and today’s super fun customs. It’s not just about candy and costumes; it has a fascinating history. It’s a reminder that even the coolest things we do today have some pretty interesting roots. As you get ready for Halloween this year, think about how it all started and enjoy all the spookiness and fun it brings! It’s a unique and exciting holiday that’s here to stay. So go out, have fun, and don’t forget to share your treats!

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