How to activate auto SSL in GoDaddy?

The auto SSL is very important so that you can maintain the security of your connection as there are lots
of websites online and you need to protect your data so this is one way to do so. The GoDaddy has
launched free SSL certificate and that is what people wants to know that how they can activate that so
that they can get most of it. You need to make sure that you have the deluxe or anything above Deluxe in
GoDaddy plan so that you can have this excess because in plans below that you will not be able to
activate the auto SSL in GoDaddy. You need to keep in mind lots of things and also make sure that this
should be activated and you are able to use the services provided by it for an extra security and you can
activate it anytime. You can do it easily without any issue and also without any knowledge of SSL
because it is easy to activate auto SSL in GoDaddy.

How to activate auto SSL in GoDaddy?

In order to activate auto SSL in GoDaddy you need to follow some steps that is why you need to make
sure that you follow the steps given below so that you can activate the auto SSL in GoDaddy:-

  1. The first and the foremost step is that you need to go to the page of your product in the which you can find on the top right side of it.
  2. After this the next step is that you will find the Manage option, so click on it in order to open auto
    SSL tool. This manage option is next to the auto SSL.
  3. Now you will see the search bar and in that you need to select the domain so that you can add it
    to the auto SSL.
  4. By doing this you can easily install the SSL certificate whenever the server will run auto SSL next
  5. After selecting the domain for which you want to run the auto SSL for that you need to click on the
    option Run auto SSL.
  6. Now you have to just wait for the auto SSL to complete and the time may vary and you will be
    shocked to know that it can take up to 2 hours if there are lots of websites.
  7. After the process of auto SSL is complete your page will get refreshed and then you will find the
    option of Auto SSL domain validated which means that your work is done.
  8. If you will open your website you will notice that it will open with the SSL certificate which means
    that the auto SSL certificate has been activated and that also in such an easy way.
    These are some of the steps that you need to follow so that you can active the auto SSL in GoDaddy and
    even if you do not know how to technically handle things you can still be able to activate it because the
    steps are so easy that anyone can do this. The GoDaddy had made the process quite easy so there is no
    hassle that you will face.
    Why auto SSL takes so much time to activate?
    Sometimes you will notice that the auto SSL will take time to activate and it will give you a feeling that it is
    stuck so in that case you need not to worry because it usually takes time if you are running Auto SSL for
    lots of websites. But at times if it takes time for than 30 minutes then there could be chances that it is
    stuck at the parent server but that are not the common scenario and at this time you need to contact the
    customer service of the GoDaddy. You will understand with time that this will take time if the number of
    websites is more so do not worry and as discussed earlier it can even take up to 2 hours which will make
    you think that it is stuck and when nothing works then the customer service of GoDaddy is the final thing
    that you should do.

Does Auto SSL run manually?

Yes, of course it can even run manually but that would be in very rare cases in which you want it to run
manually. Also Auto SSL runs on daily basis and that too automatically even if you will add any other
domain or you want to change your main or the primary domain. So you can work as per your needs and


The Auto SSL is standard safety for various hosting products it has been built and it is automatically
activated is some cases and in some you need to do it by following the steps that we have given above
which are quite easy and you do not have to face much issues in that way. It is provided for free on
GoDaddy which you need to activate if it is not activated.

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