How to add a GIF to MS Word?

microsoftwordinsert gif

MS Word is one of the most widely used word processors developed by Microsoft. It is used in creating both formal as well as informal documents, reports, letters, etc. Additionally, it consists of many advanced features which allow you to edit and format your files in the best possible way.
MS Word enables its users to do write-ups, create documents, write reports, resumes, contracts, etc.
Now, while creating a document, MS Word offers various features to augment and level up your copy.
One such feature to create an impressive document is by adding GIFs( Graphics interchange format) to your word document. GIFs are a sequence of images or audio-less video that does not require anyone to press the play button. These GIFs play on a loop on their own.
GIFs are a perfect way to get the attention of the audience by making documents interesting and eye-catching at the same time.


Word allows you to add animated GIFs already stored on your device’s drive. Below are the steps to add a GIF to an MS word document:
Step 1- All you have to do is open up your required word project. After this, place the cursor in your document wherein you wish to add the GIF.

Step 2- Now, select the INSERT TAB at the top, in the ILLUSTRATIONS GROUP.
Open document > Insert pictures

Step 3- Now click on the drop-down arrow under the pictures tab. You will get three options, choose ‘This Device’.
Open document > Insert pictures > This device

Step 4- File explorer will show all the required files that can be uploaded, now select the one that you wish to add. Click ‘ INSERT ‘.

Step 5- After inserting, the selected GIF appears in your document. Now to position this animated GIF you need to click on the layout option box.

In addition, you can pause the animation by clicking the pause and play icon in the bottom-left corner of the GIFs.

Note: This feature to add GIFs is available from Windows 10 only.
Also, If you’re a Mac user you can add only normal GIFs, not animated ones as it is not available yet in the apple program.

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