How to add and remove password from a PDF file?

Password Protect PDF Files – Global Security

One of the most important things for security of a document containing sensitive information is password protection. Passwords are crucial if you frequently work with confidential forms or documents. You can skip that step to make a document more accessible when it no longer requires a password.

How to add and remove password from a PDF file?

Add password to your pdf files. 
It denotes that a password is always required to access your PDF file’s contents. There are many tools available both online and offline to add passwords to your files. You can pick whichever suits you best. Perhaps one of the most reliable is Adobe Acrobat.

In order to restrict who can view the file, a PDF can be password-protected. The programme itself will be able to tell whether your password is weak, medium, or strong.

Using any browser on a Mac or Windows computer, you can easily protect your PDF by setting a password.

How to set a PDF with a password and keep information secure?

To generate a PDF password, just adhere to these simple steps:

~Drag a Document into the drop zone or choose the Pick a file option above.

~Enter a password, then type it again to be sure it is correct. Once you’re done click on the set password to submit.

~How do I pick a strong secured password?

  1. Increase the length of the password and use a variety of upper- and lower-case letters.
  1. Increase the number of digits in your password.
  2. Symbols can further strengthen a password.
  3. When creating passwords, stay away from using words from the dictionary or other obvious words that are simpler to guess.

~Next, sign in to share the password-protected PDF paper or download it.

A password-protected PDF will prompt you to input it a password, when you open it. Enter it there and select OK. It is only after you enter the password that the file will open.

How to remove password from pdf?

For removing the password, the foremost thing is you need to have the necessary permissions to be able to remove or unlock a password. If you don’t have these permission, you’ll need to find a policy author or secured PDF administrator to carry out this task.

How to remove password from a PDF?
The password can still be readily removed even if you don’t have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro. The only drawback to this method is that you won’t have access to some of your PDF’s unique features, like the ability to pick out specific text and edit it.

~Access the password-protected PDF in any application that can open PDFs, such as Microsoft Word or your web browser.
Depending on the programme you use, the next steps may differ slightly, but they are all generally the same.

~Choose Encrypt in Tools option and then Remove Security.

~ Now click Yes to remove the Document Open password if it is already present.

~If the document requires a password for access, enter the right one in the enter password box before clicking OK.

~Congratulations, you now have an unlocked PDF after completing these steps. Just remember to save the file so that other people can access it as well.

Note: Avoid using PDF converters, password remover programmes, or any other unauthorised internet tools you may come across because they frequently fail to open PDFs and could pose greater security issues.

So, this was all about How to add and remove password from a PDF file?

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