How to add border to a word document?

Adding borders to a Word document is like giving it a professional touch. It is just similar to framing a piece of artwork. It helps organize and emphasize important sections, making your document visually appealing and easier to navigate. So let’s see how to add borders to a document.

To add border →

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and then your document. Select the text or paragraphs to which you want to add borders. If you want to add borders to the entire document, you can press “Ctrl + A” to select all the text.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Design” tab, a virtual toolbox with aesthetic possibilities, located at the top of the Word window. This tab is your gateway to transforming your document’s appearance.

Step 3: Within the “Design” tab, seek out the “Page Borders” button, in the “Page Background” section. This group contains various formatting options for the page layout. Click on it to unlock the door to the world of border customization.

Step 4: As the window unfolds, you’re greeted by the “Borders and Shading” panel—here you can refine the border details.

Border Settings:

Take a moment to consider the purpose of your document. Select a suitable border style, whether it’s a classic solid line or a subtler dashed pattern. Choose a color that goes with the document’s theme and adjust the width to your preference. You have the power to decide which sides of the document deserve borders, whether it’s the top, bottom, left, or right.

Page Border:

Page borders encompass the entire document, providing a cohesive frame, while section borders allow you to highlight specific parts, guiding readers’ attention to essential information.

Setting options:

Pay attention to the finer details. Tweak the margins to ensure the borders align precisely with your content. Consider the distance from the text, maintaining a balanced and visually pleasing composition. For an added touch of refinement, explore the possibilities of border art, selecting subtle patterns that complement your document’s purpose.


The “Preview” section offers a glimpse of your document’s enhanced appearance.

Step 5: If you’re satisfied with your choices, click the “OK” button. The borders gracefully settle and make your work visually appealing.

By adding borders to your Word document, you enhance its visual presentation, capturing the attention and appreciation of readers in a professional and organized manner.

So that’s all How to add border to a word document?

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