How to avoid eye flu?

Your eyes are organs, granting you the gift of sight and the ability to explore the wonders of the world. Just like any valuable asset, they deserve the utmost care and protection too. As the seasons change and flu viruses roam, we often forget that our eyes are vulnerable too, especially to the eye flu. But fear not! In this article by we’ll uncover simple strategies to shield your eyes from the flu’s grasp.


• Handwashing:

One of the primary ways eye flu spreads is through contact with infected surfaces and then touching your eyes. Always make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after being in public places, using public transportation, or shaking hands with others. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, as this can significantly reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to your eyes.

• Avoid Sharing Personal Items:

Eye flu can easily pass from one person to another through shared items like towels, pillowcases, makeup, and contact lenses. Avoid sharing personal items and ensure that your belongings remain yours alone. Encourage others around you to do the same to prevent the spread of infection.

• Practice Good Hygiene Around the Eyes:

Taking care of your eyes involves maintaining good hygiene practices. Avoid rubbing your eyes with dirty hands or using expired eye makeup products. Be sure to remove all eye makeup before going to bed, and regularly clean your eyeglasses and sunglasses with a lens cleaner to keep them free from dirt and germs.

• Expressive Eye Workouts:

Engage in expressive eye workouts that promote emotional well-being while caring for your eyes. Practice “laughter therapy” by laughing heartily to increase tear production, which helps keep your eyes moist and clean. Additionally, engage in “eye-smiling,” a simple yet effective exercise where you smile with your eyes, promoting positive vibes and reducing eye tension.

• Avoid Close Contact with Infected Individuals:

If you know someone who has contracted eye flu, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance to avoid contracting the infection yourself. While it may be challenging to avoid close contact with family members, friends, or colleagues, taking this precaution can protect your eyes and overall health.

• Eye-Boosting Superfoods:

Nourish your eyes from within by indulging in a palette of eye-boosting superfoods. Add antioxidant-rich fruits like bilberries, acai, and goji berries, to your diet known for their eye-protecting properties. Incorporate leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, for their high lutein content, promoting good eye health.

• Keep Your Environment Clean:

Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your home and workspace. Door handles, light switches, computer keyboards, and mobile phones are common culprits for harboring germs that can cause eye flu. By keeping these areas clean, you reduce the chances of infecting your eyes.

Just keep your vision crystal clear and your eyes happily immune, so you can enjoy life’s views to the fullest!”

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