How to be confident in front of camera?

How to be confident in front of camera?

Do your hands feel like a car wiper while speaking in front of camera?

Or, they can look like you are playing drums, or your heart is in your mouth?!

If yes, that’s what speaking on camera anxiety can do to you.

In such cases, your voice is trying to drive home at different points but your hands and heart rates are just not coordinating or playing along with you.

Here are a few tips to be confident on camera

How to be confident in front of camera?

1) Consider your camera’s lens to be your best buddy.

Think of the camera as your best friend, your parents, or any other person you feel completely at ease speaking and being with. This will only serve to lessen jitters and anxiety.
When talking to the camera, imagine you are talking to a friend. Add their name at the start and then hit record if that will help you. The goal here is to sound as natural as possible.

2) Know your subject well.

You can look confident on camera just by being knowledgeable about your subject or passionate about what you have to say.

So do your homework and choose a subject that you know well.

3) Practice

Practice as much as you can in front of a camera, and record yourself to see where you fall short and what you can change.

Record yourself doing everyday things. (Get ready and look nice if that will help you feel confident) You can use these footages to create reels just by adding text on the vids.

4) Remember no one cares, so it’s okay to mess up.

Never worry about the opinion of others and what others would think of me.

It is true that we think about ourselves so much that what others will think about me while everyone is dealing with their own problems in life and they don’t have time to even think about us.
People forget in a span of minutes.

5) Progress over perfection.

If you always chase perfection, you will never start anything new. Remember that you cannot be perfect at the first time.

When you start, always strive for progress. Just try to make your next attempt better than the previous one. And keep on learning from your mistakes. You should start now without worrying about perfection.

6) Locate a place you are familiar with.

Finding a relaxing location to film can really make a difference! How frequently do you enter a new space and feel completely at ease? Never! So choose a location where you spend a lot of time.

Don’t choose a place just because it has the best of everything; instead, make sure the location has the right lighting, acoustics, and all those other excellent things.


It’s not about you, really. But what you have to say is that matters.

It’s only about you, to break your bubble. At least somewhat.

We all have body-consciousness, but the audience is interested in what you have to say. They care more about the knowledge and information you can impart than they do about how you appear. Everyone will benefit if you concentrate on the importance of the information and message you are delivering.

So, that’s all about How to be confident in front of camera?

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