How to calculate CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. Calculating it is an essential process for students to assess their academic performance and achievements. CGPA provides a standardized measure of a student’s overall academic success by considering their grades across multiple subjects. While different institutions may employ various grading systems, this article focuses on explaining how to calculate CGPA from marks on a 10-point grade scale. You can change the grading scale as per what your institution considers as standard. By understanding the grading scale and following a few simple steps, you can accurately calculate CGPA


Step 1: Grading System

Before studying the calculation process, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the grading system adopted by your institution. The grading system typically consists of distinct ranges of marks or percentages and the corresponding grade points assigned to each range.

Grading Scale Example

Marks/PercentageGradeGrade points
Below 40F0

Step 2: Assigning Grade Points

Once you have a clear understanding of the grading system, you can assign grade points to each range of marks or percentages as shown in the table. The grade points provide a numerical representation of the student’s performance.

Step 3: Conversion of Marks to Grade Points

To calculate CGPA, you need to convert the marks obtained in each subject to their corresponding grade points. Match the obtained marks or percentage with the appropriate grade point value based on the grading scale. The resulting grade points reflect the student’s performance in each subject.

Step 4: CGPA Calculation

Once you have determined the grade points for all subjects, calculating the CGPA is a straightforward process. Add up all the grade points obtained in different subjects and divide the sum by the total number of subjects. The resulting value represents the CGPA.

For example, suppose you have three subjects with the following marks and grade points:

Subject 1: Marks – 85, Grade Points – 9 Subject 2: Marks – 78, Grade Points – 8 Subject 3: Marks – 92, Grade Points – 10

To calculate the CGPA, add up the grade points and divide by the number of subjects:

CGPA = (9 + 8 + 10) / 3 = 9.0

That’s it you’re done! By following these steps given by you can accurately calculate CGPA and gain a comprehensive understanding of your academic performance.

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