How to clean your front camera?

How to clean your front camera? 🧐

All of us have been there while capturing something when you go to take a selfie you find your lens is dirty. So then you take a piece of cloth and blow on the lens, and rub the camera. Keeping up a clear camera lens is crucial. This is necessary if you want to take high quality images every time you use your camera.

Indications That Your Front Camera Needs Cleaning

You’re fairly certain that your camera is covered in dust or filth. On the lens, you can see the accumulation of dirt particles. When you attempt to take a selfie, the image is hazy or distorted. All of these are indications that it’s time to clean your front camera. If the image on your camera screen is dark, there may be physical damage or a more serious problem with your phone as a whole.

To be sure, go get your phone checked by an authorized service provider. So now when you know it is just accumulation of dirt, so here are few ways to clean your camera lens.

Here are a few ways :-

    You can use a microfiber wipe to clean the front camera of your phone . To make it easier to wipe the front camera lens, fold one of the cloth’s corners so that it fits inside the little indentation.
    Avoid cleaning the lens with a cotton swab or tissue since the small fibres could come loose and lodge themselves in the corners.
    To gain additional leverage in the confined spaces around the lens cover, it can be useful to place the cloth over the toothpick’s blunt end. Just be very careful not to scratch the lens.
  2. USING A CLEANING PEN – Dust Can Be Removed Using A Cleaning Pen.
    A simple brush with a cleaning pen or any comparable soft brush will generally suffice to clean a dirty phone camera lens. There are many different sizes and types of cleaning pens. While some have bigger, fluffier brush ends, others have more sensitive brush ends. Use the appropriate one to clean the lens.
  3. USING COMPRESSED AIR – Dust can be removed by using compressed air. Spray the container well while holding it at least 2 or 3 inches away from the front-facing lens. To avoid blowing dust further into the grooves around the edge of the camera, spray it at a diagonal angle in short but intense, bursts.

However, some manufacturers advise against using compressed air to spray any area of your phone. So if you’re unsure, take it to a store and have them clean it.

If even after all this you’re unable to clean your lens, you should visit the manufacturer’s store. And get your camera cleaned from inside.

So that’s all about How to clean your front camera? We hope you found this Apple Factoid helpful in your digital journey to clean success!

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