How to Create a ǪR Code in Microsoft Word?

In today’s tech-savvy world, ǪR codes have become everyday tools for sharing info in an instant. These little black-and-white boxes hold a world of data, from website links to contact info. Now how about effortlessly adding them to your Microsoft Word docs? With a few clicks, you can turn your text into clickable links, making it easy for folks to get the info they need pronto. Let’s just learn how to add these ǪR codes in Word documents.

How to create a ǪR code in Microsoft Word using My Add- ins:

Step1. Open Microsoft Word:
Start by launching Microsoft Word from your computer or Office 365 suite.

Step2. Insert Text:
Type or paste the content you want to encode into a ǪR code. This could be a website link, text, or any information you want to share.

Step3. Go to Add-ins:
Go to the “Insert” tab at the top of the Word window. Look for “Add-ins” among the options.

Step4. Explore Add-ins:
Under “Add-ins,” you’ll find two options: “Get Add-ins” and “My Add-ins.” Choose “Get Add-ins” if you need to find a ǪR code generator. In case you already have a ǪR generator then choose “My Add-ins”.

Step5. Search for ǪR Code Add-in:
In the Add-ins Store, search for “ǪR code” in the search bar. This will display various add- ins that can generate ǪR codes.

Step6. Select and Install Add-in:
Choose a ǪR code add-in from the options provided. Ensure it meets your requirements and has good reviews.

Step7. Generate ǪR Code:
Once you’ve installed the add-in, it should appear in your My Add-ins list. Open it and follow the instructions to generate your ǪR code.

Step8. Customize ǪR Code (optional):
Depending on the add-in, you might have options to customize the ǪR code’s design, size, or error correction level. Adjust these settings according to your preferences.

Step9. Insert ǪR Code into Word:
After generating and customizing the ǪR code, copy the generated ǪR code image.

Step10. Paste ǪR Code into Word:
Return to your Word document and paste the ǪR code image where you want it to appear. You can resize and position it accordingly.

Step11. Test the ǪR Code:
Before finalizing your document, scan the ǪR code with a ǪR code scanner app on your phone to ensure it works correctly.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully added a ǪR code to your Microsoft Word document using My Add-ins. It’s ready to share your information with others conveniently.

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