How to disable dark mode on YouTube? 

Hey folks! YouTube is your go-to place for all sorts of videos, from funny cat videos to DIY tutorials or just a good scroll. Ever checked out dark mode? It’s like the cool side of YouTube, perfect for those late-night binge-watching sessions. But hey, if you’re more into the classic bright vibes, no sweat! We’ve got the fix. 

Let’s learn how to turn off dark mode on YouTube and bring back the bright colors to your screen! 

How to Disable Dark Mode on YouTube:- 

1. Open YouTube: Open the YouTube app or visit the YouTube website on your device. 

2. Sign In (if needed): If you’re not signed in already, sign in to your YouTube account to access your settings. 

3. Access Settings: Click on your profile icon, usually located at the top right corner of the screen, to open the dropdown menu. From there, select “Settings.” 

4. Go to Appearance: In the Settings menu, find and click on “General.” Then, select “Appearance” from the options provided. 

5. Choose Light Mode: Under the Appearance settings, you’ll see three options: Use Device Theme, Light Theme, and Dark Theme. Select “Light Theme” to switch from dark mode to the traditional bright background. 

6. Disable Dark Mode (if needed): If dark mode is currently enabled, simply click on “Dark Theme” to disable it and revert to the light mode. 

Your settings may be automatically saved as you make changes. If prompted, confirm the changes to apply them. That’s it! You’ve successfully turned off dark mode on YouTube. Enjoy browsing in the light mode! 

Remember, you can always switch back to dark mode by following the same steps and selecting “Dark Theme” under Appearance settings if you change your mind in the future. 

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