How to do a three way call on iPhone?

How to do a three way call on iPhone?

Wanna extend your regular call to more than just a two way communication?!
Here’s how it is possible, through a three- way call.

What exactly is a three-way call?

A three-way call is a telecommunications feature that allows three parties to participate in a single phone call. It enables the person initiating the call to add a third person to the conversation while the call is in progress. This feature is also known as a conference call or a three-way conference call.

Three-way calling is a useful feature in many situations, such as business meetings, family gatherings, or even when troubleshooting a technical issue with customer support. However, it is important to note that not all phone plans include this feature, and there may be additional fees or charges for using it.

You can initiate a three-way call on your iPhone by following these steps:

~Call the first person you want to join the three-way conversation.

~Tap the “Add Call” button on your iPhone’s screen, once the call is connected.

~This will put the first person on hold and bring up the phone’s keypad, allowing you to dial the second person you want to include in the three-way call.

~Once the second person answers the call, tap the “Merge Calls” button on your iPhone’s screen. This will initiate the three-way call.

~Now you should be on a three-way call with both people. Note that if either person hangs up, the remaining person will remain connected to you.

~If you want to speak to one person privately, you can do so by tapping the “Private” button. And then selecting the person you want to speak with. The other person will be put on hold while you talk privately.

To end the three-way call, simply hang up like you normally would.

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