How to download Private Reels/Videos from Instagram?

Instagram reels download

Instagram has become a top-rated application for today’s generation, which is why many people have joined it. The young age is almost everyone available on Instagram. A viral feature of Instagram is the reels or the videos you will find on it, and the reels and the videos will keep you entertained through the application. You will find so many reels and videos on Instagram, some of which are so entertaining that you want to download them, but they are private. You know what to do, and if you wish to download what you need to do, the reels from the private account on Instagram are not easy to download or share. So do not worry we have some simple ways in which you can easily download the reels and videos that are private on Instagram. You can download the Instagram reels and videos from your private account if you like the video, so why not download it?

How to download private reels or videos from Instagram?

To download private reels or videos from Instagram, you need to make sure that you follow the simple steps that are given below so that you do not face any issues when you want to download the private reels and videos:-

  1. The first thing is to download and install a third-party app to help you download the private reels and videos on Instagram.
  2. After installing such apps like Instafinsta or other related apps, you need to now open the Instagram app after this.
  3. When you open the Instagram account, you need to select the reels you want to download or save.
  4. After selecting the reel or video of your choice, you will notice that you will find three vertical dots at the bottom of that reel or video.
  5. Now you need to click on the three vertical dots, and a pop-up will become on the screen, and from there, you need to click on the copy link option.
  6. Once you have copied the link, you need to open the Instafinsta app or any related app you have first downloaded.
  7. After opening the app, you need to paste the reel link or the video you have copied on this app.
  8. Now you can easily download the reel from this link. Downloader will save it on your device in just a few seconds.

This is how simple it is to download the reels or videos on Instagram without facing any issues. But the third-party app you will download should be good enough to be easy to use, and you can easily download the videos without facing many problems. So you cannot directly download the private reels and videos on Instagram. You need to download the third-party app for that. The process is easy, and you can, within a few clicks, get the reel or the video of your choice on your device.

What third-party apps can you download?

There are many third-party apps you will find on the play store which you can download and install on your device so that you can download private reels and videos easily onto your device. Some of the popular third-party apps that are good for this purpose are listed below:-

  1. All Video downloader app
  2. Browser private video download
  3. Instafinsta
  4. Instagram Video downloader
  5. Instagram reels downloader

These are some of the standard and popular third-party apps you can find on the play store for downloading private reels and Instagram videos. These third-party apps are essential when you want to download reels and videos on Instagram, especially those from a private account, so there is a need for these third-party apps. Instagram is a new popular app, which is why most of the entertaining stuff you will find on it, and you will not even be able to understand how fast time flies when you use Instagram.

Final thoughts:-

Instagram and its reels are something that you will find everywhere on the internet, and also reels are considered the alternative to TikTok videos. They have gained some popularity at a swift pace. Instagram reels are short videos that are perfect for people nowadays because they do not have time to watch long videos. So fast and entertaining videos are viral, and the platforms like Instagram provides users with lots of features and helps them to explore them properly and enjoy whatever time they spend on Instagram without any issue.

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