How to find trending topics for YouTube?

How to find trending topics for YouTube?

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As one of the biggest online video-sharing services, YouTube gives content makers the chance to share their work with such a huge audience. Finding controversial topics that will draw viewers to your channel can be difficult, that too, with more than 2 billion active users. In this article, we will explore some effective strategies to find trending topics for YouTube.

1. Use YouTube Trends

You can discover the newest trends on YouTube with the free tool called YouTube Trends. This tool offers insights into what users are looking for and watching on the network. Moreover, it is updated every day. To view these trends, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your YouTube homepage → then choose “Trending” from the drop-down menu.

2. Use Google Trends

With the help of Google Trends, you can examine search trends for a many different subjects, including YouTube. You may check Google Trends to see how popular a certain keyword or topic has become over time. This can assist you in locating controversial topics on YouTube that are trending. Visit and type in the keyword or topic you want to research to use Google Trends.

3. Explore Your Niche

If you have a particular niche or topic that you specialize in, it’s a good idea to explore what’s trending in that area. See what kind of content other well-known channels or influencers in your niche are creating by keeping an eye on them.

4. Use Keyword Research Tools

You may find popular keywords and subjects on YouTube by using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs. With the help of these tools, you may discover hot topics that have a large search traffic. And that too with little competition, by gathering data on search volume, competition, and related keywords. You may increase your chances of appearing higher in YouTube search results by focusing on these keywords.

5. Look at Popular Videos

Looking at popular videos in your industry or category is one of the simplest ways to identify hot topics on YouTube. This can help you gain understanding of the kind of themes that are gaining the greatest interest from viewers and the kinds of material that are connecting with them.

Finally, finding trending topics for YouTube requires a combination of tools and strategies. By using the above mentioned techniques you can identify trending topics that will attract viewers to your channel. Remember to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and adapt your content strategy to meet the changing needs of your audience.

So that’s all about How to find trending topics for YouTube?

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