How to help someone with depression? 😱 ❤️

How to help someone with depression?

What is depression? A prolonged sense of sadness and loss of interest are symptoms of depression, a mood illness.

Traits of people having this mood disorder

What it seems like vs what it actually is
  1. Difficulty in accepting painful emotions.
  2. Feeling empathetic, because they know what it’s like to feel nothing.
  3. Feeling apathetic and struggling to engage with the world.
  4. They stay awake all night because of an overworked or over-active mind.
  5. They try to distract themselves with social media, TV shows or games to avoid thinking or talking about anything real.
  6. Even when they’re exhausted, they have difficulty sleeping.
  7. Some can’t seem to function regardless of how much sleep they get.

A person suffering from depression may find it very helpful to have your support.

Encourage them to seek aid. It’s crucial to tell them that asking for help is okay and that there is help available because you cannot force somebody to receive assistance if they do not want to.

Helping someone with depression can be a challenging and sensitive task. Here are some general tips that may be helpful:

Activities that may be helpful

Encourage them to seek professional help 🏳️

Depression is a serious illness that requires treatment. Encourage your loved one to see a mental health professional such as a therapist, counselor or psychiatrist. Offer to help them find a provider, make an appointment, or even accompany them to their appointments if they feel comfortable with that.

Be supportive and patient 🤗

Depression can be a long and difficult journey. Be there for your loved one and offer support and patience. Listen to them without judgment and validate their feelings.

Learn about depression ❤️

Learn about the signs, symptoms, and treatments of depression so that you can better understand what your loved one is going through. This can also help you provide more effective support.

Encourage self-care ⛳️

Encourage your loved one to take care of themselves by eating healthily, getting enough sleep, exercising, and engaging in activities they enjoy. Offer to join them in these activities.

Avoid making assumptions or minimizing their feelings 😇

Depression is a real illness and it’s important to take it seriously. Avoid telling them to just “snap out of it” or saying things like “it’s all in your head.”

Be aware of warning signs 💯

Keep an eye out for warning signs that your loved one may be in crisis. These can include talking about suicide, giving away possessions, or withdrawing from social interactions. If you notice these signs, seek professional help immediately.

How to give them support? 🦾

~ Learn about depression
~Listen to them
~ Let them know you’re there for them
~Ask how you can help
~ Reassure them

In a nutshell, show up, listen and hold space for them.

So that’s all about How to help someone with depression?

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