How to hide media files in an Android?

How to hide media files in an Android?

Whenever you’re going through your gallery whilst surrounded by people, the last thing you’d want is someone to see your private media files. Or there may be several other reasons you’d want to hide your media files.
There are several ways to hide photos on an Android device. There can be several reasons why someone may want to hide their photos on an Android device.

Here are some common reasons:

•Privacy concerns
•Security reasons
•You may want to keep certain photos separate from the rest of your gallery
•Preventing accidental deletion
•If you have children who use your phone, you may want to hide certain photos to protect them from inappropriate content.

Ways to hide your media files in an Android:

Here are some of the most common ways to hide your media files in an Android:

1.Use the built-in file manager

You may make folders in files around using the built in file manager found on many Android smartphones.
Any photos you want to hide can be moved to a new folder that you create. 
After that, give the folder a new name that begins with a period (.). 
The folder will become hidden as a result, and your gallery app will no longer display it.

2.Use a third-party app:

The Google Play store offers a wide variety of apps that let you hide images and videos.

Gallery Vault, Keep Safe and Private Picture Vault are a few of the well- known ones .

To access your secret files, these apps need you to provide a PIN or password.

3.Use a secure folder:

Some Android devices, like Samsung phones, come with a feature called Secure Folder.

This is a separate folder that is encrypted and requires a password to access. You can move any photos you want to hide into the Secure Folder and they will be hidden from your regular gallery app.

4.Use a cloud storage service:

Your pictures can be uploaded to a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox and subsequently removed from your device.

The pictures will be hidden from anyone who has access to your phone in this manner, but you will still be able to access them through the cloud storage app.

So it’s important to note that while these methods can help you hide your photos, they are not foolproof. Anyone with access to your device or your password could potentially find and access your hidden photos. It’s also a good idea to regularly backup your photos to a secure location in case anything happens to your device.

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