How to hide WhatsApp status?

In a world where sharing every moment of our lives has become the norm, the power to hide your WhatsApp status becomes a privacy. It grants you the ability to control who has access to your personal updates, shielding your photos and videos from prying eyes. Whether you’re drawing a line between your personal and professional lives, avoiding certain contacts’ watchful gazes, safeguarding your security. You can choose who gets to see them and keep them away from certain people, just like keeping a hidden treasure locked away.

To hide your WhatsApp status, follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp:

Ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device.

Swipe right to access the “Status” tab:

From the main chat screen, swipe right to reveal the “Status” tab. It is usually the second tab from the left, represented by an icon resembling a circle with a plus sign in it.

Set privacy options:

On the status creation screen, you will find three dots at the top right to customize your privacy settings. By default, your status updates are visible to all your contacts. To hide your status from specific people or groups, follow the next steps.

Choose who can see your status:

In the status privacy settings, you will see three options to choose from:

a. My contacts:

Selecting this option will make your status updates visible to all your saved contacts on WhatsApp.

b. My contacts except…:

Choosing this option allows you to hide your status from specific contacts or groups. Tap on this option, and then manually select the contacts or groups you want to exclude from viewing your status.

c. Only share with…:

This option restricts your status visibility to only the selected contacts or groups. Tap on this option, and then manually select the contacts or groups you want to allow for viewing your status.

Save your privacy settings:

After selecting the desired, tap on the “✓” button or a similar option to save your settings. You will be returned to the status creation screen.

Share or create a hidden status:

Now that your privacy settings are updated, you can either create a new status update or share an existing one without worrying about it being visible to unwanted contacts.

By following these steps, you can hide your WhatsApp status from specific contacts or groups and maintain your privacy on the platform.

So that’s all about How to hide WhatsApp status?

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