How to improve smartphone photography skills?

Ever wondered how to make your phone photos look awesome? Well, you’re in the right place! This article is here to help you level up your photo game! Let’s turn those ordinary snaps into eye-catching pics with some easy peasy tips! To learn the art of photography, developing the ability to see beauty in everything is important.

TO BE SKILLED IN MOBIGRAPHY (mobile photography):-

1. Get to know about your phone’s camera settings

Understand in detail about your phone’s camera settings; comprising of exposure, focus, zoom capacity, white balance adjustments etc.

2. Assess light conditions

Before capturing a picture with your mobile phone, assess the brightness of the surroundings, direction of lights to avoid blackish photos. Naturally lit conditions (e.g. sunshine) is considered best for clear photos and give glow to overall photo.

3. Keep your phone stable

Stability is very important for clear and detailed photos. Keep your phone steady while clicking pictures to avoid blurry click.
Tip: tripod or any object can be used to place phone and click photos by applying timer from settings

4. Ensure clear camera lens

With regular use including use in outdoors, phone camera is prone to smudges and dirt. Often underrated, but much useful tip is to clean the lens before taking a shot. It helps you take advantage of your phone’s camera clarity to maximum.

5. Explore panorama and pro effects

In order to capture a wide view photo from your phone, explore panorama option and pro modes in your phone’s camera. It will help you to capture wider area click from shorter distances.

6. Experiment with angles and colours

Click photos from different angles to get best shots. Taking pics with inverted phone can help you get appealing photos sometimes. You can experiment with white balance and colour contrasts while taking shots.

7. Editing apps

Editing apps or inbuilt editing options in phone are very useful to enhance your mobileshot’s quality. Experimenting with filters, brightness, saturation will help you get and learn to make more appealing photos.

8. Keep doing, keep learning

Consistency and learning are very important to achieve expertise in any field. Keep doing, keep experimenting and learn from other’s work as well. Every piece of work can help you generate a new idea and help to add uniqueness to your shots.

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