How to interview a person who is in jail?

How to interview a person who is in jail?

People who are incarcerated or in prison make for some of the most sought-after interview subjects. To secure a jailhouse interview, a reporter needs to put forth a lot of effort.
To begin with, you must win the prisoner’s approval.
Then it must be approved by the warden or sheriff.
And last, there are logistical challenges to be resolved.
Even while it takes a lot of labour, the reward of an exclusive jailhouse interview makes the trouble worthwhile.

Here are few questions which can be asked in an interview with a person in jail!!

•How long have you been in this prison?

•What is your age?        
•Are you a foreign national prisoner?

•How would you describe your national identity?

•Did you begin your current sentence or period of remand in this prison?

•Is this your first time in prison?

•How many times have you been in prison before?   
(only if the person has been in prison before)

• Are the relationships between staff and prisoners in this prison good?

•Do you receive support from staff in this prison when needed?

•What is your current status, are you:-
a. Remand/untried           

b. Convicted but not yet sentenced   

c. Sentenced               

d. Licence Recall       

•Which type of sentence are you serving?

•How long is your sentence, or if you are a life sentence or IPP prisoner, how long is your tariff?

•Which regime level are you on?       
    Basic, Enhanced or Standard

•What is your main daytime activity?   

•Are you able to practise your religion in this prison, if you want to? 

•Do you regularly communicate with your family while you are incarcerated via phone or mail?

•Have you ever self-harmed?

•Privileges are given and taken fairly in this prison.


Finish the interview once you have all the data you require. If the suspect has cooperated, express gratitude for her assistance. You can reassure her that there will be more follow-ups if she has been tough. Threats might not always be effective, but you can also appeal to the criminal’s ego or sense of guilt by focusing on the suspect.

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