How to interview a person with depression?

How to interview a person with depression?

But first , what is depression?
A prolonged sense of sadness and loss of interest are symptoms of depression, a mood illness.

Traits of people having this mood disorder :-

-Difficulty in accepting painful emotions.

-Feeling empathetic, because they know what it’s like to feel nothing.

-Feeling apathetic and struggling to engage with the world.

Their overactive or overworked minds keep them up all night.

-To avoid thinking or conversing about anything genuine, they try to divert their attention with games, TV shows, or social media.

-Despite being fatigued, people have trouble falling asleep.

-No matter how much sleep they receive, some people just can’t seem to operate.

Now let’s understand how to interview a person with depression?

A person suffering from depression may find it very helpful to have your support. Here are some ideas for how you can contribute.

Encourage them to seek aid.

Motivate them to seek assistance. While you cannot compel someone to accept aid if they do not like to, it is imperative to let them know that asking for assistance is acceptable and that support is available.

Few questions to ask a depressed person are:

How to interview a person with depression?
•Have you recently felt down or depressed?

•In the past two weeks, have you experienced poor moods, depression, or crying?

•How does that make you feel? It must be challenging to experience those feelings for such a prolonged amount of time. Tell me a little more about your feelings.

• What types of activities do you often enjoy?

•Are you still having as much fun participating in these hobbies as you used to?

• When did you last participate in a particular activity?

•Have you been experiencing any recent bouts of unusual exhaustion?

• How have you been feeling lately in terms of energy?

•How did you sleep last night?

• Do you have trouble while falling asleep?

•Do you have trouble staying asleep?

• When do you get out of bed?

•Does anything on your conscience bother you?

• Do you ever hold yourself responsible for the difficulties you are facing?

•What do you think of yourself personally?

• How would you characterise your self-assurance and respect?

How to give them support?

~ Learn about depression
~ Listen
~Let them know you’re there for them
~ Ask how you can help
~ Reassure them
In nutshell, show up, listen and hold space for them.

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