How to let your gestures speak in your favour?

“The gestures give shine to your personality even when you are not speaking.”

Ever noticed how a smile or a wave can say a lot without using words? Well, that’s what we’re diving into—how your actions, like handshakes and nods, can do the talking for you. Imagine it as a cool way to communicate without even saying a sentence. So, let’s talk about making your moves count and telling a story with just gestures. Ready? Let’s go!

Some ways to let your gestures speak in your favour :

1. Good posture

A good posture reflects confidence and is appealing. Maintain a firm but relaxed posture. Avoid crossing arms and legs, to be approached as receptive and confident person.

2. Handshakes

A handshake should be firm as it reflects professionalism and confidence. Handshake must not be too hard or too loose for the other person. The reason being, hard handshakes represent aggressive and power dominated behaviour, whereas loose handshakes reflects low confidence.

3. Eye contact

Establish and maintain eye contact as it reflects attentiveness and engagement. However, you must not stare the other person for a long time. Eye contact should show respect and sincerity, and should be continuous but frequent.

4. Active listening

Include gestures such as head nodding in agreement which signifies active listening and understanding.

5. Facial expressions

Keep genuine facial expressions. As it is said “Smile makes you attractive”. Pay attention that you don’t smile in an annoying way. If you have to give much efforts to have smiling expression, better is to keep a genuine sincere expression on your face.

6. Appearance (dress up)

Apart from gestures related to your body language, your appearance speaks about you. It is not necessary to be in formals, but whatever you wear must be worn in a proper manner and should give a decent appearance.


In a nutshell, gestures are like your silent buddies in conversation. A friendly wave, a nod, or a smile can say a lot without words. So, as you go about your day, keep in mind that your moves speak volumes. Let your actions be the high-five to your words, creating a positive lasting vibe wherever you go. Cheers to making your gestures count!

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