How to make a folder password protected in Windows 10?

How to make a folder password protected in Windows 10?

Sometimes you do not want to protect a single document but a complete folder because of the data in the entire folder. So Windows 10 also has the option to easily password protect the folder so that you can give access to the folder to the people who should have it and then defend it from the rest of the people. This feature is fantastic because it helps maintain the privacy of the folder in which there would be some information that anyone or everyone should not access. Only a few people or only one person should have access to it. Because of this reason, password protection for a folder is done without any issue. Also, we will help you how you can easily password-protect any folder on Windows 10 so that you know how to protect any folder if you want to, and not everyone can get access to the particular folder. Also, in this manner, sharing confidential information through folders can become easy without the fear that there will be leakage of any information.

In Windows 10, you cannot directly password-protect the folder. You need first to download the 3rd part software, and only then can you password-protect the folder on Windows after downloading the application like Bitlocker, etc., which will help you password-protect the folders on Windows 10.

How to make a folder password protected in Windows 10?

When you want to password protect in Windows 10 after downloading the 3rd party software so that you can preserve the content in that folders and for that, you need to follow the steps as given below:-

  1. You need to open the file explorer and right-click on the folder you want password-protect in Windows 10.
  2. Now the next step you need to follow is to click on the properties at the bottom of the context menu.
  3. Then you need to click on the Advanced option and find the list of the options after selecting the Advanced option.
  4. From the drop-down list, you need to select the Encrypt contents to secure data, and then you need to click on the apply option after that.
  5. After clicking on the apply option, a dialog box will open, telling you to enter the password for the respective folder.
  6. After that, you need to re-enter the password so that you can confirm the password for the folder you want to password-protect.
  7. Now, after this, you will notice that the folder that you have selected has been protected, and now it will open only if you will enter the correct password; otherwise, you will not get any access to this folder.
  8. In this manner, the process for the password protection of a particular folder will get over in Windows 10. Whenever you open that folder every time, you will be prompted for the password, and it will only open when you enter the correct password. Otherwise, you will not get any access.

By following these simple steps, you can easily password-protect the folder of your choice and will not be able to open it or will not enter someone who should not access it. The password protection of folders in Windows 10 is straightforward, and without any issue, you can do that and protect all the sensitive information in the folder. Access to the folder will be only if the user has the correct password. Otherwise, they will not have any access to the respective folder.

Why is it essential to password-protect the folder?

When you have personal or sensitive information and cannot let anyone access your content, you need to password-protect your folder so that no one misuses the info. Also, if there is some legal information that is entirely confidential, why do you need to password-protect the folder so that it does not go to someone who can do something wrong with the data? All these things tell us how important it is to password-protect the folder.

Final thoughts:-

If your folder needs to be protected so that only very few people can access it or only you can access then password protection is the best thing you can do so that your folder is safe. You do not have to face any fear that the information can be leaked or can be misused because only people with the correct password will be able to open the folder. Because while opening the folder, it is prompted on the screen to type in the valid password.

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