How to make a sand clock at home?

How to make a sand clock at home?

The sand clock has always been the perfect timer for ages, and still, it is widespread, and many people are fascinated by the sand clocks, which is why it is preferred to make a sand clock at home because it is an easy task. Also, it is a fun activity, and who does not want a sand clock? To make a sands clock, you need to have some of the items easily found at home to make a workable model of the sand clock. Also, you do not have to hassle much with making a sand clock at home. The design of sand clocks is not very complex, so you can easily make it at home without facing many difficulties. We are here to help you out with the making of the sand clock so that you can make the perfect sand clock for yourself or your loved one that also juts from the comfort of your home.

How to make a sand clock at home?

When you want to make a sand clock at home, you need to follow some steps so that the process becomes easy and straightforward for you and you do not get confused. The various stages for making a sand clock at home are below:-

  1. The first and essential step is to collect the material you will need for the sand clock and make sure it is all available at your home. For the sand clock, you will need two plastic bottles (transparent), glue, and sand. These are the basic things, though you will need some tools to make it which we will discuss further.
  2. Take a plastic bottle that is clean and perfectly see-through, and make sure that its caps are also clean because you need to have a perfect sand clock.
  3. Now take the bottle caps; you need to glue them back to back and ensure that the glue is strong enough. After gluing them together, let them rest for some time, and after that, you need to punch a hole through the middle of the caps. For that, you can use a nail and hammer or a drill.
  4. After punching the hole, the next step is you need to place the caps on the bottles. You will notice that one bottle will be at the bottom, the other at the top, and the inverted position. Ensure the caps are tight and the bottle does not fall off.
  5. Now, after this, you need to have the fine sand so that you can quickly fill it inside the bottle, make sure that the sand is dry and there are no lumps because it will help in the proper flowing of the sand inside the bottle, which will lead to the perfect sand clock.
  6. Now start filling the bottle; you need to serve only one bottle with the sand, not both. Do not fill the entire bottle. Fill the two third of the bottle, and that is enough.
  7. After this, you can tightly screw the cap to the bottle in which you have filled the sand, and also, one bottle should be in the inverted position.
  8. Now change the positions. The one with the sand should be at the top in the inverted position, and another one should be at the bottom.
  9. Now you can check the flow of sand and see whether it is working correctly or not, and if you need, you can make some adjustments accordingly so that the sand clock can work properly.
  10. After you are done with the making, you need to check for the time; you need to stopwatch and notice how much time the sand is flowing from one bottle to another so that you are aware of the time of your sand clock.
  11. The time checking is the last step. After this, your sand clock is complete. You will notice that you have created something extraordinary and beautiful, which you can modify with various other things; if not, this is also a perfect and straightforward sand clock.

These are some basic steps that will help you make a simple sand clock at home. Making a sand clock is not difficult, and you are not able to do so. It would help if you had some material and time to make an excellent sand clock, and you can also add some extra things to make the sand clock look more attractive and appealing.


The sand clock is something that has always been popular and in demand, but it is more fun if you will try making it at home by yourself because it is straightforward to make a sand clock, and another thing is that you can enjoy the activity. Everything is so much fun if you try doing it yourself, and making a sand clock is one such thing that can be easily created with the simple things available at home and without buying anything from the market, your sand clock will be ready in some time. So it is always a good idea to indulge yourself in some activities that will help you to learn something new and also so that you can create something beautiful like a sand clock.

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