How to make buttermilk at home?

How to make buttermilk at home? 🥞 🥛

Buttermilk is an amazing ingredient for addition to cakes, pancakes, and even fried chicken, it is a pain to keep on hand. Most recipes only call for a small amount, and those large cartons quickly go bad! Don’t worry, though; making homemade buttermilk is quite simple and fits in all of your recipes.

So firstly what is buttermilk?

Delicious Butter Milk Pasteries

Basically, buttermilk was once the fermenting liquid left over after making butter from cream. Modern buttermilk is usually prepared from milk that has had lactic bacteria added, which produces lactic acid.

Ingredients Required To Make Butter Milk 🧈 🥐

•Curd – 1 Cup
•Water – 2 Cup
•Pinch Of Salt


How to make buttermilk at home? 🍯 🍪

1.So buttermilk is nothing but diluting fresh curd. So first take a cup of fresh curd. Back in those days, you might have seen your mother or grandmother, they a churner to actually make the buttermilk.

What they do is they basically do this to beat the curd over the curb. I’m sure many households still use this.
2.You can also add a pinch of salt at this point if you like. This is a traditional way of making buttermilk.
3.So now just add another cup of water to dilute it a little more.

Hereafter you can see we’ve made some fresh buttermilk, so this is the simplest way you can make buttermilk.

Of course, you can use a mixer to do it as well, so just make this fresh and you can serve it immediately.

So serving in these little makas will keep the buttermilk nice and cool.So you have some nice fresh buttermilk. This is very good for your health.

To remember 🥞 🥛

•Before usage, give the mixture a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes to rest after combining.

•The final texture should have some mild curdling and appear to be somewhat separated at the top.

•Even if you don’t see a big change in appearance, your buttermilk should still function as intended because the acidity is there.

There you go. Here is this wonderful buttermilk is ready to be served in 3d!

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