How to password protect your MS Word document?

How to password protect your MS Word document?

The MS word document can be opened by anyone if given access or if there is no password on the document. Usually, people do not use the password for the MS Word document. Still, the need is there when the documents are confidential, and you want that not everyone should have access to that document which is why it is essential that you protect the MS word document with a password, and it is not so tough to do that. With new and updated versions of MS Word, you can easily protect MS Word documents by putting passwords on them. People who have the passwords can have access to these documents. Not anyone or everyone can open these MS documents, which is why it is a huge advantage when you want to send something confidential. Without the fear of data misuse, you can easily add passwords to the documents you wish to protect.

But often, the question arises of how one can put passwords on MS documents. It can be pretty tough to do that, but that is not the case. It is straightforward, and you can add passwords to any MS document of your choice without any problem. People with the appropriate password can open that particular document, and not everyone can do that. SO adding passwords to any MS document is not a very tough task. You can do that quickly and without getting much hassled about all this.

How to password protect your MS Word document?

To protect your MS Word document, you can put the passwords on it so that only people with passwords can open it and not everyone can open the MS Word document, which is why it is essential that you can put passwords on it and the steps to passwords on the MS Word document are pretty simple and are listed as below:-

  1. The first and foremost step to follow is that you need first to open the MS Word document which you want to protect with the help of the password.
  2. After opening the MS word document, the next step is to click on the File Menu, and a drop-down list will come from that list. You need to select the info tab.
  3. When you select the info tab, you will get a list of options; from there, you need to select the Protect document option. 
  4. Then an option of Encrypt with the password will come. You need to select that option.
  5. When you select the Encrypt with Password option, an Encrypt document dialog box will open on the screen.
  6. The opened dialog box will prompt for the password you need to enter the password of your choice.
  7. Then after typing the password, you need to enter the Ok option, and then again, a dialog box will appear where you have to re-enter the password to confirm it.
  8. Once you have re-entered the password to confirm it, the next step you need to do is click on the OK option. From this, you will set your password for the selected document.
  9. The MS Word document you have put a password on will be shown as the protected document.
  10. Whenever you open this protected MS word document, you will notice that it will always prompt for a password whenever you need to open it, and by entering the correct password, it will only spread.

These are some simple and easy-to-follow steps for protecting the MS Word document by adding passwords to it. You need to select the MS document you want to cover with the password and follow the above steps without hassle. From this, we know that password-protecting an MS Word document is not so harsh, and you can protect any document of your choice by this method.

Final thoughts:-

The MS Word document is a famous document that needs to be protected for various reasons. You can add passwords to these documents, and it can easily safeguard the documents without any problem. Also, the password is provided only to the people who should be accessing the document, and that is why it is considered one of the easiest ways to protect MS Word documents. You can control in this manner the people who can open the file, which will ultimately save these documents without any issue, and all the stuff in the document will not come in contact with someone who should not have this information. This is the reason protecting any document that has some confidential information is very important.

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