How to Play Wordle?

How to Play Wordle?

•The main idea of the game is to use your thinking capacity and guess a 5 letter word in 6 or less guesses.
•All you have to do is enter a word into the text box.
•Real english words must be used in all guesses.
•Each accurate letter flashes green colour, following each guess.
•Each correct letter that is positioned incorrectly turns yellow, but remember it’s just a positional incorrection.
•Incorrect letters are greyed out.
•Each letter may be used in repetition as well if required.


  1. Use vowels first, then phrases.
  2. Learn to recognize the frequency of letters In Word Games.
  3. Try the formation of words using the letters which are frequently used.
  4. Type it, then jot it down.
  5. Watch out for words with the same letters.
  6. Try using different words for first two guesses.
  7. In the second guess, omit the correct letters.
  8. Since Wordle words are hand-selected, they Almost Never End In S
  9. Try it even if the word seems incorrect.
  10. Keep the statistics in mind.

You can guess the word by using these hints. If you predict the right word in six tries or less then victory is yours. Wohoo! Additionally, you can only play this game once each day.

Check out the image displayed below to know how to play wordle.

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