How to protect yourself from smartphone addiction?

Technology, especially with smartphones has become an inseparable part of our lives. But what if it becomes addiction? How do you know it’s becoming an addiction and how to prevent it?
So let’s have a look !!


  • Feeling very uncomfortable when not using phone for sometime
  • Increased social withdrawal
  • Using phone even while having face to face interaction
  • Disengagement from other activities

Tips to prevent yourself from smartphone addiction:

1. Control notifications

Notifications develop the urge to engage with your phone more often. Hence, to avoid this, turn off all irrelevant apps’ notifications and only keep those notifications on which are important to receive.

2. Set screen time limits

Set time limits for various apps which are non-productive and distract from priorities. So less time wastage will help in time management and completing tasks on time.

3. Mindful consumption

Be mindful of what you are feeding to your mind through your smartphone. Choose to follow content that is productive for you and promotes your mind growth and development.

4. Fix tech-free times

Decide certain times of day, like when having meals, an hour before bedtime, an hour after waking up to be free from use of technology.

5. Give priority to real life interactions

A major role of smartphone addiction, specially in children and youngsters is the use of social media. They tend to communicate and seek approval via internet. Instead real life interactions with friends and family should be prioritised and encouraged.

6. Digi-detox days

Have a day of a week when you don’t use technology or it can be called as a Digi-detox day. If not possible for a day, you can decide to use your phone only when very urgent and give it rest for other hours.

7. Digi-free hobbies/activities

Engage yourself in some activities which do not need the use of technology. These can be very simple as watering plants, reading books, etc.

8. Seek support

In case you find it real challenging for you to set free from smartphone addiction, you might seek support from friends, family or professionals.

“Be smarter than smartphone by using it in right manner”

You can prevent yourself from smartphone addiction by applying the given ways. However, prevention must be there in intentions. Be determined and disciplined. Use your smartphone efficiently rather than letting it deteriorate you.

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