How To Recall An E-mail In Outlook?

How To Recall An E-mail In Outlook?

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Did you know that an office worker sends about 30 – 40 emails on a daily basis? Since email is the most popular mode of communication and is used in routine, mistakes are bound to happen while sending these regular emails. Including sensitive material in an email or sending it to the incorrect recipient by mistake can occasionally cause serious issues.

But Rest Assured – we have your back 📲

So basically, you’re reading this article because you also probably have sent an e-mail and now you’re regretting the mistaken or rushed decision.

This could be because of any of your personal reasons. But need not to worry, here’s the solution!
The possible reasons:
~ A sensitive mail sent to wrong person accidentally
~E-mail sent with a typing error
~ Noticed grammatical error in your already sent e-mail
~E- mail sent before you meant to, etc

If the recipient hasn’t yet opened a message, MICROSOFT OUTLOOK includes a feature that allows us to recall it, giving us the chance to find important information in the incorrect mailbox or stop sending emails.

A message you sent can be recovered using message recall from the mailboxes of recipients who haven’t yet opened it.

NOTE : This is possible only if the other person hasn’t opened your mail yet!
You have one more option, that is to make use of a replacement message.
And in Outlook, it’s really easy to recall an e-mail.

How To Recall An E-mail In Outlook? 💻

  1. Select the folder in which the already sent items are present.
  2. Click on the message twice, in order to open it in another window.
  3. Click File > Information.
  4. Click message resend and recall. Hereafter recall the required message and then choose one of the displayed two options.
  5. a. To retrieve the sent message, choose the delete unread copies of the required message. b. To replace the sent message with a new message, choose the delete unread copies option and replace with a new message.
  6. A check box will appear on your screen that says, ” tell me if the recall succeeds or fails for each recipient”.
  7. Now press OK.

If the other person has already read the E- mail sent, there’s no way you can recall it. So just remember to be quick and double check before sending the mail.

So that’s all about How To Recall An E-mail In Outlook?

This is can be done easily but just remember to be quick and try to minimize the mistakes if possible.

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