How to Reuse Plastic Bottles to Environment Protection?

How to reuse plastic bottles to environment protection

Plastic bottles have become a nuisance for the world today, not only the animals are being affected by plastic and its various forms but it has started impacting humans also in a negative way. So it is high time that we need to take some serious steps and solve the problems that are there because of the plastic bottle because plastic bottle is one such creation of plastic that it is being used at a huge level and that is why the problems created by plastic bottles are also huge and of not controlled on time we will not be in control of the situation any time soon. 

As we know that it is very tough to completely dispose of the plastic, we need to find various ways to get rid of the plastic bottles. So after lots of thinking and researching what we have come across is the fact that reusing and recycling the plastic bottles is one such way in which we can easily control the plastic use and also it can be taken care of better and also you can say in a creative way.

There are various ways in which we can reuse or even recycle the plastic bottles so that the nuisance created by them can be controlled and also we are able to contribute our part to save the environment and make it clean and green. As we have reached the point where protecting the environment should be our top priority and we should do everything that is possible to protect it and reusing the plastic bottle is one step closer to our goal of protecting our environment and making it a safe place for our future generation.

How to reuse plastic bottles for environment protection?

The reusing of plastic bottles have been talk of the town and also reusing plastic bottles has become quiet creative in today’s world which is why this can be something very interesting to know that reusing plastic in various ways can be fun and you will be amazed to know and our favorite picks or the ideas that we have shortlisted over here are listed as below:-

  1. Flower pot

One of the most common and also the easiest way to reuse the plastic bottle is to use it as a flower pot or you can grow any plant on it. You can take any plastic bottle and cut it the way you want and at the bottom you can make holes for drainage and put an appropriate amount of soil in it and then seeds or plants of your choice and you will be amazed to notice that something that you want to throw away has become so useful for you. This is how easily you can use the plastic bottle as flower pots and make your garden look beautiful and also you do not have to spend money separately to buy pots as plastic bottles are easily available at home.

  1. Green house

Another way in which you can reuse the plastic bottles is that you can make a greenhouse out of it, though you will need space for creating it and also lots of plastic bottles but once your green house will be ready it will be highly effective and also a cheap greenhouse that you can create at home by clubbing lots of plastic bottles and then created a dome structure or whatever structure you are comfortable with. This green house will easily work like the glass greenhouse because the plastic will be able to trap the sunlight which will be very good for the plants and also it is an eco- friendly way to create a greenhouse.

  1. Water sprinkler

If you are not having any water sprinkler for your garden and you want something immediately the best way is to get a plastic bottle and you need various holes in it according to your needs so that the water can come out of those holes. After that you need to attach a pipe in it and once the water reaches the plastic bottle it will be working as a sprinkler. 

  1. Pen holder

One of the most creative ways to reuse the plastic bottle is to use it as a pen holder so that you can put your pens in it and that can be fun because you can customize the design on the bottle. You just need to cut the plastic bottle in 2 halves and use the bottom half of the bottle as the pen holder and can design it or beautify it according to your needs so that it is quite hard to tell that you have used a plastic bottle as a pen holder.

  1. Storage purpose

If you do not want to put in much effort and want a simple way to recycle the plastic bottles then you can use it for storage purposes. Like you can add various things inside that you want to store and basically it is used in the kitchen. Any kitchen stuff or want to add some detergent or some liquid you can use the plastic bottles for it. But you need to make sure about the quality of the plastic and then accordingly use it.

These are some of the basic ways in which you can reuse the plastic bottles and also there are other ways too and also you can be as innovative and creative with the plastic bottles as you can be so that you can easily and also in a good way use the plastic bottle and make our environment clean and green and contribute our part to the safe and clean environment.


Plastic and the environment both are a very important issue in today’s world and one needs to be careful with each and everything that they are doing because a small mistake from our side will cost us our future. So it is our responsibility as an individual that we protect the environment at any cost and reusing plastic in any form is something that is need of the hour and also the best thing we can do is to stop the use of plastic as much as possible.

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