How to sit in aeron chair?

Imagine sinking into a chair that feels like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. That’s the Aeron Chair. With its innovative mesh material, you’ll stay comfortable and cool, even during long work sessions. And it’s not just about comfort – the chair’s PostureFit technology ensures that your spine stays in alignment, reducing back pain and discomfort. Need to take a break? The Kinemat tilt mechanism allows you to recline and relax while still maintaining support for your spine and pelvis. Plus, the Aeron Chair’s sustainable design means you can feel good about your environmental impact. So why settle for a boring office chair when you can have the Aeron?

Sitting in an Aeron chair is not just about finding a comfortable spot to rest your back and legs, it’s an experience that can be enhanced with a few simple techniques.

Adjust the height

The first step is to ensure that you adjust the height of the chair. You don’t want to be dangling your feet off the ground or feeling like a giant. Find the right height that works for you and your desk.


Once you’ve found the right height, it’s time to position yourself in the chair. Imagine you’re sitting in a luxurious car. Sit all the way back, and let the chair mold to your body.


Now, it’s time to lean back slightly and adjust the tilt angle. Think of this like reclining on a beach chair, finding that perfect angle where you can relax and still be able to see your toes.


Your armrests are your friends. Adjust them to the appropriate height, and feel the support as you rest your arms. Think of them as the side-view mirrors on your car essential for a smooth ride.

Now, you can allow the chair to provide the support it’s designed to give, which can help reduce the strain on your back and neck. Additionally, taking periodic breaks and stretching can be beneficial in preventing stiffness and promoting healthy circulation.

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