How to Stop Unwanted Notifications on Android Smartphones?

How do you stop unwanted notifications on Android smartphones?

We always see notifications on our Android smartphones regarding various things or advertisements. But sometimes you do not want messages from multiple websites or even applications as it gets annoying as they are unwanted or of no use. So at this moment, you wish that your phone does not show any notification that you do not want to see in any case, as this is a massive issue that lots of Android Smartphone users face and which is why you need to find ways in which you get rid of these notifications.

They never make up to your phone screen. All the notifications that come and pop up on your screen are of no use. And also, sometimes the messages are absurd, which is not suitable for you. Because of this, here we present some of the best ways to stop unwanted notifications. Ass some of these notifications can come from unwanted sources that might corrupt your device. 

How do you stop unwanted notifications on Android smartphones?

You have noticed that your notification panel is filled with lots of unwanted messages or notifications, and in the process, even the important ones are lost on your Android phone; of this reason, all you want to do is stop all these notifications so that you can only have the notifications that are important to you and rest are not at all present in the list and how you can do this are listed as below:-

  1. You must first select all the apps or websites from which you do not want notifications so that it becomes easy to stop only those messages from a particular website or app, and other notifications are affected.
  2. After the selection process, you need to select the app from which you want to stop the notification by long pressing it, and then there will be a setting option which you need to choose or the symbol for the settings option.
  3. Then the setting page will open, and the notification setting option, and in some phone cases, directly that page will open. You have to check whether you want all the notifications from that app to be stopped or just selective ones.
  4. After selecting the appropriate options according to your requirements, you can set it up, and you will get the toggle options on the Android Smartphone to choose the options you want.
  5. Now you are done with your task, and all the unwanted notifications will stop, and you do not have to look at those notifications that come again or are annoying to you. Only selective messages or notifications from particular apps will appear on your notification panel.
  6. You can even stop the notification from the whole app or just a few notifications from the particular app; then, only the important ones will be there.

These are the steps you need to follow to stop the unwanted notifications on your Android Smartphone so you can get the best experience on your phone. Also, you can easily set up your mobile phone for only essential things and ignore all the other unwanted notifications. No one wants to read a long list of notifications as that is what people do not like to do in today’s world, so it becomes too important to stop these notifications from coming again and again on your panel.

Why stop unwanted notifications?

The answer is simple: no one wants their phone’s notification panel to fill up with all the unwanted things that are of no use, and because of this, all the important notifications also get ignored. Also, it isn’t easy to find anything of service in the list of so many notifications.

Some apps or websites will keep sending the same notifications repeatedly, which becomes too irritating for Android smartphone users. That is why they like to stop all these notifications so that there is no confusion because of this. Even the phone memory starts filling up. Even lots of scamming links are sent, which can lead to a virus in your phone that will further lead to the slow functioning of your device. 


Ultimately, we want to summarize by saying that digital literacy is a must. You need to understand that all the notifications that appear on your Android Smartphone are not essential and unsafe, so make sure you can use your phone efficiently and do not face any problems because of these notifications.

So it will be better if you can follow the simple steps mentioned above to end all the unwanted notifications on your phone so that only important ones are on the notification panel. Then even your phone will run smoothly, and you not miss any important notification from anyone or any app.

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