How to use incognito mode on YouTube?

Wanna hide your browse history on YouTube? You absolutely can, with this magic mode.

The Incognito mode on YouTube is a feature that allows you to browse and watch videos on the platform without the activity being saved to your YouTube account or search history. Your subscriptions and notifications will also be temporarily disabled while you are in Incognito mode, and you won’t have access to your library or playlists.
If you want to keep your video viewing patterns private or if you share a device with someone else and don’t want them to know what you’ve been watching, this feature can be helpful.


• Open the YouTube:

Firstly, open the YouTube app OR you can open youtube through any of the web browsers.

• Tap on your profile picture:

Once you’re in the YouTube app, tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

• Select “Turn on Incognito”:

From the dropdown menu, select “Turn on Incognito.” This will enable incognito mode in the YouTube app.

• Confirmation of incognito mode:

You should now see a notification at the bottom of the screen that reads, “You’re incognito.” This will allow you to verify that you are in incognito mode. You can see that you are presently browsing YouTube in anonymous mode.

• Search and watch videos:

Hereafter, you can now browse YouTube and conduct standard video searches with incognito mode activated. You won’t be able to save any searches or videos you watch to your watch history.

• Exit Incognito mode:

So once you’re finished using incognito mode to browse YouTube, simply tap on your profile picture once more and choose “Turn off Incognito.”

Although using incognito mode is useful and can help keep your browsing history private , it should be noted that even though your activity won’t be saved to your YouTube account, your internet service provider may still be able to see it if they are keeping an eye on your online behaviour. Although incognito mode can be a helpful tool for safeguarding your privacy, it doesn’t completely guarantee anonymity.

So that’s all about How to use incognito mode on YouTube?

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