How to Void a Check?

How to Void a Check?

A check is voided when it is declared to be invalid and cannot be cashed or deposited. A check may need to be voided for a number of reasons, such as if you filled it out incorrectly, it was lost or stolen, or you need to stop a payment. To cancel a check, adhere to the following steps:

•At first, gather the necessary things

You’ll need a permanent ink pen and the check itself, to void a check.

•Now, write “VOID” all over the check

The word “VOID” should be written on the check’s face using a pen. 

To avoid confusion later on, make sure to write in a clear and legible manner. 

Depending on your desire, you can either write “VOID” in big letters across the face of the check or in the payment amount field. 

Some people will also include a letter that says “Payment cancelled” or “Mistake in payment amount” in addition to the reason why the check is being invalidated.

•Add a memo

A note explaining why the check was voided should be included with it. This can be beneficial for both your own records and for the recipient of the check, if necessary. Write the memo in the memo line at the bottom of the check.

• Keep a copy of voided check

Remember, a copy of the voided check should be kept for your own records. This could be written in your checkbook register or a photocopy of the voided check. In case you need to return to the reason for voiding the check in the future, it’s also a good idea to write it down.

•Dispose off the void check

It is essential to properly dispose of the check once you have voided it and recorded the necessary information. A voided check contains sensitive information that could be used for identity theft, so you should never put it in the trash or recycling bin. To make sure that the check can’t be used again, you can shred it or use a check destruction service.


In conclusion, A check can be canceled in a few simple steps, making the procedure straightforward. You can ensure that the check is void and cannot be used for fraudulent purposes by following these steps. In order to safeguard your personal information, remember to properly dispose of the voided check and keep a record of it.

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