How WhatsApp Web works?

Imagine you’re working at your desk, typing on your computer while your phone keeps notifying with incoming messages from your WhatsApp contacts. Rather than constantly switching between your phone and your computer, WhatsApp Web allows you to access your WhatsApp account directly from your computer.

WhatsApp Web works by creating a mirror of your WhatsApp account on your computer.

Here’s How WhatsApp Web works:


To start using WhatsApp Web, you need to go to the official WhatsApp Web website . When you open WhatsApp Web, it displays a unique QR code on the screen. This QR code acts as a gateway between your phone and computer, allowing them to communicate with each other.


Once the QR code is scanned, the user’s WhatsApp account will be synced with the web browser. This means that all the conversations, media files, and contacts on the user’s phone will be mirrored on the web browser.


You can now send and receive messages just like on your phone.

Media Files:

One can also send and receive media files such as photos, videos, and documents on the web browser. These media files are uploaded and downloaded through the WhatsApp servers.


WhatsApp Web also supports voice and video calls, although the user needs to have a microphone and camera on their computer. The calls are made and received through the WhatsApp servers. And the audio and video are synced between the phone and the web browser in real-time.


When a new message or call comes in, a notification will be displayed on the web browser. Just like it would on the phone.

Overall, whatsApp Web provides a seamless and convenient for users. To access their WhatsApp account on their computer, whether they’re at work, at home, or on the go. It eliminates the need to switch back and forth between devices and allows you to stay connected. So the next time you’re typing away on your computer and your phone starts buzzing with incoming messages, just open WhatsApp Web and stay connected!

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