How to Travel Abroad Without a Passport?

How to travel abroad without a passport

Do not own a passport and want to travel abroad?
Here’s how to travel abroad without a passport.
Fortunately, Indian citizens don’t need a passport to visit a number of countries!

There seems to be some good news for everyone who longs to visit other countries but lacks a passport. There are many nations where you can travel without a passport. These nations include Nepal and Bhutan.

Let’s go to Bhutan without a passport

Passports must be valid for at least six months if you’re going to Bhutan. But, one need not be concerned if one lacks a passport. Indian citizens who want to visit Bhutan are permitted to provide their voter ID cards if needed. Also, the children travelling must have their birth certificate or academic school identity card with them.

How to travel abroad without a passport

Here’s how to visit Nepal without a passport

A large number of visitors travel from India to Nepal. You can reach major ports of India from Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. Regarding Indians travelling to Nepal, the government of that nation claims that only one document, proving the traveller’s citizenship in India, is required from them. Your voter ID, Aadhar card, or passport are all acceptable examples of that one document.

One can enter these nations with a government-issued photo ID. Additionally, those under the age of 15 and those over 65 can enter countries without a passport or visa, by carrying their Aadhaar cards only.

Is travel without a visa possible?

You can also travel to a plethora of nations without even having a visa. However, these nations may demand a passport for verification. Anyone with a valid Indian passport is also eligible to travel visa-free to 58 different nations. Thailand, Sri Lanka, Macao, Bhutan, the Maldives, Cambodia, Mauritius, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Myanmar, Qatar, Iran, Seychelles, and Zimbabwe are the nations.

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