How to Add a Gmail Account to an Android Phone?

How to add a Gmail account to an android phone

If you are also facing trouble with how to add a Gmail account to an android phone after buying a new phone then no need to worry as is always there to answer all your queries.

We all know that one needs to add a Google account to a new android phone as it will transfer all your contacts, emails, messages and other data which was available on your old phone. The process is very simple still a majority of people face difficulty in doing the same.

Have a look at the steps below and add your Gmail account to an android phone in a few seconds.

Steps to add a Gmail account to an android phone

1. Go to settings on your android phone.

2. After that, you’ll find “Accounts”, tap >Accounts.

3. Now, tap on >Add account and then select “Google”. Moreover, here you’ll be asked for a fingerprint, PIN, pattern or password for security purposes.

4. Here, you can enter your Gmail address at the Add your account screen and then tap Next.

5. In the next step, you’ll be asked to enter your Gmail password and then again tap Next.

6. Now, you’ve to select Agree on the Terms of Service option.

7. If you want you can also add your payment information in the next step. If you don’t want to add your payment details there, simply select “No thanks”.

8. Wait for a couple of seconds and your Gmail account is added to your android phone.

See how simple it was!

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